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profileClimax is usually a point where something has reached the highest point after a series of events. For Mr Johnny Chan, own of interior design and renovation firm Climax Enterprise, his business and he are certainly fitting of that term, having come a long way since he started.Mr Johnny Chan originally started out working as an electrician for a renovation company more than two decades ago, eventually rising to the position of a supervisor. The idea for his business came about while on a job. Having seen how easily he could take charge of on site activities, he decided to stop working under somebody, and chose to strike it out on his own, becoming an electrician doing his own jobs.

After working as that for a while, he saw that there was more potential in becoming a sub-contractor for home renovation projects. One thing led to another, and after taking more self-improvement courses, as well as earning referrals from pervious satisfied clients, the business has reached where it is today.

One factor for Mr Johnny Chan’s success has been his constant desire to self-improve. Having promised himself from the start to want to take charge of his own career, instead of working for others, he went for many courses over the years to learn various skills as well as taking on more jobs. One thing led to another, which was how he went from being just an electrician, to being able to supervise a full renovation project, as well as create interior designs.

Another thing which helped him was his commitment to giving his best to every customer. As he said, when it comes to work done, one good job leads to another referral, and so on. Over time, good jobs done mean that after a while, people would just automatically find him if they need work done. Mr Johnny Chan also prides himself on having not had customer complaints about the work he did after all these years, and delivering quality projects on time, which is what most people want.

Also Mr Johnny Chan has a policy of always giving his clients what they request, even if the request might be unusual or not too profitable, saying that as long as they do what is required, the customer will not complain. This approach to workhas certainly taken him far and helped him win many known clients, such as IATA Singapore and KrisEnergy, which he says have been some of the more memorable projects he has taken on.

However, the business was not always that easy at all times. In the early, when he was the only person in the business, he had to handle all the work himself, only expanding slowly over time. While Mr Johnny Chan currently had no plans to expand the business overseas, he intends to eventually be the sole importer of a line of energy saving home products, after observing a recent trend for green products.

As for staff management, Mr Johnny Chan, who currently has four people working under him, believes in the principle of freedom, treating his employees like family members. To him, as long as his workers do their jobs well, as well as maintain good relations with each other, all would be good.

In his words to aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr Johnny Chan encouraged them to have the passion and interest for what ever they do, as well as to put a priority on good service, as it will reward you back over time. He also stressed on the importance of being sincere in business, and being willing to go the extra mile, such as helping to fix problems that occur during or after the work process. Above all, he had this to say,” if you think you can, you definitely can!”